Hype protocol Built on Industry-leading Defi Security Platform

Hype Limited is a registered in United Kingdom licence company that undergoes regular bank exams and is subject to the cybersecurity audits conducted by the London Department of Financial Services.

  • We Provide Decentralized Finance Liquidity Service.
  • Provider for Blockchain Data feed Services.
  • 10+ years experience in Crypto & Forex trading.
  • We are a governed DeFi community focusing on Staking.
  • Hype Ecosystem is Audited and Verified.
Hypeprofit Hypeprofit
Hype Investors
Hype Gold token Hype Coin

Hype Ecosystem Backed by World-class Investors!

  • Hypeprofit is an algorithmic, autonomous interest rate protocol to unlock a universe of open finance.
  • Earn Rewards on Hype & Hype Gold Assets.
  • Users Stake Crypto & We Track the Portfolio and increase the profit.
  • Tier 3+ Infrastructure for Peace of Mind.

Hype Token Economics & Utility

Hype is on Trc20 Blockchain-enabled utility tokens which hold the promise to overcome this price and profitability of token to its self mechanisms.

  • Hype Token Will use in Crypto Trading Platform.
  • Hype Token Will use in Non-Custodial Wallet.
  • Hype Token Will use in Crypto Swap Exchange.
  • Hype Token Will use in PMS Platform.
  • Hype Token Will use in Staking & Lending.

Hype Gold Economics & Utility

Hype Gold tokn is on Trc20 Blockchain-enabled utility tokens Now and it is a Open finance token, and this will be Migrate with Binance Smart chain very soon.

  • Hype Gold Token Will use at Ageoftron platform.
  • Hype Gold Token Will use at Hype Crypto Wallet.
  • Hype Gold Token Will use at other Utility platform.
  • Hype Gold Token Holders swap with Any Token.
  • Hype Gold Token will use at Defi PMS Platform
Hype Profit
Why People Trust Us?

Hype Trusted By 25,000+ Users Worldwide!

We run highly available and redundant nodes in different data centers across multiple georaphical regions to achieve continuous operation of our platform.

We believe in pushing the limits and advancing the reliability, security and performance of Blockchain Networks.
We use a professional key management system to distribute control over cryptographic material inside the firm.
Our Future Roadmap

Let's Move To Hype Roadmap

To support Hype ecosystem of financial protocol, Hype uses Tron Blockchain, and Planing to migrate its all platform to Substrate-based Binance Smart Blockchain that is highly secure, scalable, and will connect to the Polkadot network.

Hype Casino game

Casino Gaming Platform

Hype Casino Gaming Platform will live on March 2021 with Defi Protocol.

Hype PMS Platform

Crypto PMS Platform

Hype Crypto PMS platform will live on April 2021 with Defi Protocol.

Hype Defi Validator

Hype Staking & Lending

Hype Open Staking & Lending will start from May 2021

Crypto Swap Exchange

Hype DEFI Crypto Swap exchange will start from July 2021

Hypeprofit Benefits

Why Stake With Us?

Hype DeFi Staking acts on behalf of users to participate in Hype DeFi platform, obtains and distributes realized earnings, and helps users to participate in Hype protocol with a single click.